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Green Smoothies
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This Awesome Recipe book is for you...

  • if you want to lose  weight and still be able to eat other food of your choice.

  • if you dislike having to wash up a messy kitchen after regular cooking.

  • if you like to know that you get a nutrition healthy meal, even while dieting.

  • if you looooove fruit as much as much as we do.

  • if you want to make peace with the weeds in the garden.

  • if you want to know what on earth apes have to do with green smoothies…

Green Smoothies - Weight Loss Recipes book WILL cover:

Chapter: "Our Own Experience"
You’ll learn not only how much weight I lost myself with this green smoothie weight loss diet, but also of the other wellness benefits gained by the family. You will also learn how we won the battle against the demons in our garden.


Chapter: "How It All Started"
You’ll discover the hard facts killing the myth that vegetarian food would not give you enough nutrition. Discover why green smoothies are better weight loss smoothies than milk or yoghurt based smoothies. Learn why it is imperative for your digestion to get the food down to 1-2 mm pieces and what may happen if you don’t. You will also discover why green smoothies are more delicious than other traditional healthy raw food based on greens. And you will discover what on earth apes and cows have to do with green smoothies.


Chapter: "How Do They Reduce Weight?"
You’ll learn the three ways in which green smoothies help you reduce your weight. Discover the single ingredient you need to complement green smoothies with in order to get everything you need when it comes to nutrition, an essential component when it comes to weight loss. Learn what not to add into green smoothies and why.




Chapter: "How To Make Green Smoothies"

Discover how quick and easy it is to make your own green smoothies.  Learn what greens and what fruits to use, and the ideal proportion for good recipes. Learn how to make endless variations of your fruit smoothie recipes. Explore the few tools you need for great recipes.


Chapter: "Green Smoothie Recipes"

Here you’ll find over 50 delicious and quick recipes, all of which are gluten-free and lactose-free. The healthy smoothie recipes are complemented with beautiful pictures and more importantly, with details about how the ingredients contribute to your weight loss. You’ll find that you can use them as easy breakfast recipes, fast lunch recipes on the go and even as quick and easy dinner recipes. How to boost them with coconut benefits.

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Green Smoothies - Weight Loss Recipes book will not cover:

We have really done everything we can to give you a great number of weight reducing recipes and knowledge to make endless variants of them and beyond.


What we have not covered in this little book is the emotional side of weight loss. For example:

·        Eating habits

·        Emotions related to your eating, physical appearance or to exercise

·        Your Emotional Weight Set point and related beliefs

·        The importance of yourself allowing weight loss

·        How stress impacts your ability to lose weight

Should regular green smoothies over time not help you reduce weight or remain at the new weight, and you might feel that this is just a useless weight loss diet,
we encourage you to stick to your diet plan and resolve to address the emotional side of it.
It is probably just one or more of the above-mentioned emotional issues that also need to be attended to! We then recommend a combination with EFT tapping. Sara is a certified advanced EFT practitioner. EFT goes far beyond where CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) takes you and a lot faster too!
Find out more about what may be your best emotional weight loss program at:
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Best regards, Sara & Maria Bern
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Best regards, Sara & Maria Bern